Descendants of Mary Ellen Hannigan

Mary Ellen Hannigan (1868-1915) was born in Morrisiana, New York in the late 1860s. She appears in the 1870 US Census for Morrisania, New York with her parents. Since New York did not require birth records until the 1880s, a state birth certificate has not been located for her.  She grew up with her other six siblings in the Mott Haven and Morrisiana area of what become the South Bronx.

In August 1887, William Henry Haring and Mary Ellen were married at St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church at Courtlandt Avenue and East 154th street in the Melrose section of the Bronx.  They went on to have six children over the next fourteen years of marriage before moving their family to New Jersey.

The descendants of Mary Ellen Hannigan (1868-1915) {married William Henry Haring (1868-1931) in August 1887} were:

  1. Anna A Haring (September 1887-June 1904) {never married}
  2. Mary Ellen Haring (1890-1968)
    1. {married William Townsend Oliver (1885-1966) in 1917 in Trenton, New Jersey}
  3. William James Haring (1892-1953)
    1. {married Mary Elizabeth Floel (1891-1964)}
  4. Florence M Haring (1893-1910) {never married}
  5. Laura (Loretta) Violet Haring (1898-1984)
    1. {married John Matthew Reddan (1898-1976)}
  6. Ida T Haring (1901-1950)
    1. {married Archibald E Lloyd (1896-1959)}

Mary passed away in July 1915 and was buried at Saint Raymond’s Cemetery on July 12, 1915 in Section 1, Range 41 and Grave 10.  There is no headstone on the grave location to memorialize her or her family.  Her husband would survive for about 16 more years before he was buried in the grave plot next to her.