Mayor of Boston, Massachusetts – for a day!

At an early age of seventeen years old, I had the opportunity as the Chief Squire of Readville Massachusetts Circle 525, a junior order of the Knights of Columbus, to be appointed as the Mayor of Boston, Massachusetts for one day under the authority of Boston’s Mayor John B. Hynes.
Mayor Hynes instituted the Mayor for one day for teenagers in order to educate them of their civic duty and responsibility as a city resident. He stressed the urgency to get involved in the political process and to be sure to vote on election day. He stated the Mayor and other elected officials are there to serve the citizens of Boston.
Under his tutelage, I was able to chair his daily meetings with his staff and his constituents. I learned how the Mayor worked and interfaced with the many different departments of local government every day.
Thus, was my entry into the Boston, Massachusetts political system at Boston City Hall. As a potential Democrat when I become of age, I ran the City of Boston for eight hours that day.
At the end of the day, my Mayor for a Day opportunity came to an end and Mayor John B. Hynes took over.