Mary Ellen Hannigan Haring {1868-1915}

Mary Ellen Hannigan was the first child born to Patrick and Catherine in Morrisania, New York.  Morrisania was located north of New York City on the east side of the Harlem River in Westchester County. In 1874, the area was annexed to be part of the Twenty-Third Ward of New York City. The twenty-third ward was the area where my ancestors grew up.

The small family first appeared in the 1869 Morrisania City Directory and then 1870 US Census report. Over the next thirteen years, Patrick and Kate would grow their family with six more children, with the penultimate child being my great-grandfather, John Joseph Hannigan.

Mary Ellen has been quite elusive to research for a number of years. After she appeared in the 1870 US Census, her name only appeared in the 1880 US Census before she was gone from the family home. When the 1880 census was enumerated, it recorded her and four other siblings: Cornelius, James, Elizabeth and Rosanna. John would be born June 8, shortly after the census report cut-off of June 1. In October 1883, her youngest brother Denis Michael was born, finishing out the children of this family.

In September 1884, Mary’s father passed away and he was buried at Saint Raymond’s Cemetery in Section 2.  At the time of her husband’s death, Kate acquires two adjacent grave site locations for her family, enough space to hold eight people at the only Catholic cemetery. Eventually everyone except Rosanna, John and Mary would fill these two family plots.

In August 1887, William Henry Haring and Mary Ellen were married at St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church at Courtlandt Avenue and East 154th street in the Melrose section of the Bronx.  They would go on to have six children over the next fourteen years of marriage before moving their family to New Jersey.

  1. Anna was born in September 12, 1887, just a month after her parents were married and she would live for about 17 years before she died on June 15, 1904 and was interred at Saint Raymond’s Cemetery in Section 1, Range 41, Grave 11.
  2. Mary Ellen was born in 1889 and would live a long life until 1977. She married William Oliver in 1917, but the couple had no children. My dad remembers visiting her and her husband in Trenton, New Jersey in 1953 while stationed at Fort Dix.
  3. William James, or sometimes he was known as James William, was born in early 1892 and would serve in the US Army during World War I.  A favorite politician in Trenton for a number of year, James passed away in 1951.
  4. Florence was born in late 1893 and would die in November 1910 after a long illness. Florence was interred at Saint Raymond’s Cemetery in Section 1, Range 41, Grave 10, just five years before her mother would be laid to rest in the same plot.
  5. Laura Violet was born in May 1898. She may have also went by the name of Loretta. She married John Reddan in December 1937. She passed away in 1984 in Michigan.
  6. Ida was the baby of the family born in 1901. She married Archibald E. ‘Archie’ Lloyd in 1920. She had one son, James Lawrence Lloyd. She passed away in 1950 in Trenton, New Jersey.

By the time the 1910 US Census was enumerated, the family had moved from the Bronx to Hamilton Township, New Jersey and would later settle in the Trenton area.

Mary passed away in July 1915 and was buried at Saint Raymond’s Cemetery on July 12, 1915 in Section 1, Range 41 and Grave 10.  There is no headstone on the grave location to memorialize her or her family.  Her husband would survive for about 16 more years before he was buried in the grave plot next to her.

In the early years, Saint Raymond’s Cemetery was located in Westchester County, New York and newspaper reports, including obituaries, reflected that location, however, today Saint Raymond’s Cemetery is the only Catholic Cemetery in Bronx and is located in the Throggs Neck section of the Borough.