Where did all this paper come from?

You have to admit that when you have been doing research on your family tree for a long time, well, you gather a lot of paper. When my dad started his research in the mid-1950s, there was no internet.  As he traveled, the telephone book in the nightstand next to the bed was really the … [Read more…]

How big is the tree?

Let’s face it! We all start with two parents and four grandparents – except in blended types of families that is. And the number doubles as you move further back in generations.

John Hannigan from Ballinvana, County Limerick, Ireland

In the group of Ireland Catholic Parish Registers released the National Library of Ireland in 2016, was found an entry for Patrick Hannigan being baptized on March 6, 1838. He was the son of Cornelius Hannigan and Mary Riordan of County Limerick in the parish of Bulgaden. Parish baptismal records also provided information showing at … [Read more…]

Family Descendants of Mary Ellen Hannigan Haring

In August 1887, William Henry Haring and Mary Ellen were married in the Melrose section of the Bronx. They went on to have six children over the next fourteen years of marriage before moving their family to New Jersey. Three daughters and their son went on to marry and have families. This is a breakdown of those children and their descendants.