The family patriarch is buried at Saint Raymond’s Cemetery

As a young wife, Catherine Hannigan had to find a final resting place for her husband.  As the Catholic cemetery for the area, Catherine was deeded two plots in Saint Raymond’s Cemetery in Section 2 to meet the needs of her large family.

This copy of the deed provided by the staff of Saint Raymond’s Cemetery, shows the information about the two plots that she was deeded on September 7, 1884. Over the next 40 years, all but three of the family members were buried in the plots located in Section: 2, Range: 6, Graves: 17 & 18.

Deed for the family plot of Patrick Hannigan that was provided by the staff of Saint Raymond's Cemetery

Deed for the family plot of Patrick Hannigan that was provided by the staff of Saint Raymond’s Cemetery

Patrick Hannigan was buried on September 7, 1884 at the age of 44 years old.  The grave locations would be opened four more times before Catherine was buried there in November 1925.  First, she would bury her seventeen year old daughter Elizabeth on December 5, 1891. Then, following a tragic train yard accident in the Bronx, Denis would be buried on April 19, 1903.  Denis would leave a pregnant wife as a widow when he dies.  His older brother James was buried in the same grave on March 8, 1906 and he would fill the grave as the fourth and final person to be buried in grave 18.  After taking care of his mother since the death of his father in 1884, Cornelius would be buried on March 9, 1917. Finally, Catherine would be buried by her only surviving son, my great-grand father, in November 1925.

The remaining family members would not occupy the family plots. The oldest daughter Mary Ellen would be laid to rest in Section 1 of Saint Raymond’s Cemetery, while the youngest daughter Rosanna would find a final resting place in Colma, California.  My great-grandfather, John Joseph would lay eternally under the White Birch at Fairview Cemetery in Hyde Park, Massachusetts.

The deed also shows that a headstone is located between both of the graves. Only some of the name would be inscribed on it.  Both Cornelius and James were left off for some unknown reason.  And there was no final information about Kate inscribed.

Family headstone at Saint Raymond's Cemetery in the Bronx

Family headstone at Saint Raymond’s Cemetery in the Bronx